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Before I tell you about this program, let's make sure you are a good fit.

You are right for Overcoming Finance Obstacles for Entrepreneurs if you are a business owner starting out or who has already been in business for a few years and want to level up your your business finance knowledge, so that you can make good business decisions, save on taxes, and have deep meaningful strategic conversations with your tax accountant and anyone else who would have access to the finance part of your business.

This course is right for you if you want to stop feeling lost, frustrated, or powerless and want to take control of your business in every aspect. 

If you are:

  • Just starting a business
  • Wanting to start a business
  • A few years or even more, in owning your business

Then, this is the course you need to get a hold of the most confusing part of owning a business, unless you are an accountant!


By the end of this program,


  • You will get clear on what financial statements are, and how to read them!

  • Even if you outsource your bookkeeping and tax return preparation, you will understand how to communicate in a more meaningful manner.

  • You will feel confident in the set-up of your business and how to find the right resources.

  • You won’t feel lost when talking to your tax accountant, and instead can have more in-depth conversations about strategic decisions.

  • You will make the best decisions for your business because you will be armed with really knowing your numbers


"The Overcoming Finance Obstacles for Entrepreneurs class is a must-take class for any person working in small business. I am not an entrepreneur but I work in a small business, and I think it is beyond beneficial to take this course. I was able to expand on topics that I had a base-line knowledge of and learn new concepts that I am already able to apply to the business. As an instructor, Nesha was fantastic and very easy to listen to. She broke down the material in a way that made sense and was applicable to the business I am representing. I would love to take another masterclass by her."

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What’s Inside Overcoming Finance Obstacles for Entrepreneurs


Module 1

Business Entity & Support Types

Module Description: We will go over the different corporate entity types so you can get a basic understanding of each and what is right for you! We will also cover the key differences between a CPA, Accountant, and Bookkeeper!

Module Highlights:

Figuring out what entity type you will be is the first step to starting a business! It is most overlooked. Also, learn the differences between the accounting support roles!

  • Learn the different small business entity types
  • Know what to look for when researching support in your business accounting needs
  • Know how to talk to your tax CPA  and attorney as to what entity type right for you
Module 2

The Chart of Accounts (The foundation of your business house!)

Module Description: What the heck is a Chart of Accounts? Believe it or not, most people have no idea, unless they are accountants, that this IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to get straight before coding business transactions. It is the most overlooked function to get right.

Module Highlights:

I will teach you what one looks like, how it is formed, and why it is so important!

  • Learn how to create one to use in your financial software or in a spreadsheet
  • Knowing how to create one will help you communicate with your bookkeeper as to how you want to look at your financial reporting
  • Garbage in is garbage out! I will help you to figure out how to capture your financial data so you can begin to understand it and make better decisions!
Module 3

Understanding Financial Statements

Module Description: I will teach you about the three standard financial statements and how to read them!

Module Highlights:

Are you lost when your tax CPA or bookkeeper meets with you to go over your Profit and Loss statement? Are you scared of the thing called the Balance Sheet?

  • You will be able to have more meaningful conversations regarding your financial strategy and planning
  • You will be empowered to know how the financial statements all work together
  • You will be able to make better business decisions, as to whether or not to hire someone or buy a new asset
Module 4

Business Expenses

Module Description: Are you feeling in the dark about what you can take as business deductions? Well, it would seem that the IRS makes it very vague, so I lay out what is the best way to consider an expense.

Module Highlights:

We will discuss what business expenses are!

  • I will give you a tip as to whether or not an expense is considered business
  • I will share the IRS resource related to small businesses
  • I will share the commonly missed expenses
Module 5

Business Records Retention

Module Description: Get the facts on what the IRS considers a "business record" and how to keep them, as well as for how long.

Module Highlights:

Business records can be overwhelming to keep, so we talk about ways to streamline maintenance and what are the best ways to keep them.

  • You will understand what a business record is and what the IRS accepts and does not accept as one.
  • You will learn ways to keep business records
  • You will learn how long you need to keep business records
Module 6

The Enigma of Sales Tax

Module Description: Does the thought of sales tax scare you? I will give you a basic explanation of what gets taxed and what doesn't, as well as the resources to find more information about your particular state rules.

Module Highlights:

You will learn the basics about sales tax and know where to go

  • You will know what NEXUS is (the basis of determining if something is taxable in a state)
  • Resources to help you with sales tax
Module 7

The Accounting Tips You Need to Know

Module Description: This is a collection of all of my favorite topics that get overlooked and what you should know as part of your business building.

Module Highlights:

You will learn how to pay yourself, legal things you should consider, how to pay income tax, and more!

  • How to keep "money buckets"
  • How to price yourself
  • When and how to pay in your income tax
  • Legal things you should consider
  • My best practice tips

Frequently Asked Questions

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I can’t wait for you to join Overcoming Finance Obstacles for Entrepreneurs


Hey friends!

The pandemic showed me how vulnerable and stuck business owners felt. They were drowning trying to understand everything they needed to get the PPP loans, and what all was available to them. They didn't understand the terminology of Schedule C, Form 1040, Profit & Loss statement. Most didn't have this information readily available and missed out on free money.

THEY WERE SCARED. I jumped in to educate and help these owners stay afloat. This was the last straw for me.

But, this isn't just around the time of the pandemic, this is every single day.

Over the course of my 30 years as a CPA, I have seen so many business owners be taken advantage of and businesses fail because the owner didn't even have a basic understanding of the finance part. If you want to get control of your finances and have greater money management, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

I invite you to join me for Finance Basics 101 for Entrepreneurs, where I can help you create a solid foundation for the business of your dreams.

Your business = Your freedom!